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2018 Training Program Sessions Included:  

Theology of Abuse, Brokenness, and Compassion                                                                            

Five types of and primary effects of Abuse

Abuse: A perversion of the Image of God

Shame and Guilt

God’s original design of sexuality

Creating Relational Safety

Psychotropic Medications for Complex Trauma Survivors

Sex Trafficking and Exploitation in Portland, US, and Globally

Definitions and word choice, views of sexuality

God’s heart for Justice

Trafficking: Vulnerabilities, Youth Brain Development, Recruitment, Grooming, Maintenance, Supply and Demand

Effects of Pornography and its connection to sexual exploitation.

Crisis Intervention and Response Techniques

Today’s Youth and Culture

Domestic Violence

Mental Health: Brain Development and Anatomy, Trauma, Trauma-Bonding, Behaviors of complex trauma survivors, brain healing therapy methods, how to understand and relate using effective tools & techniques.

Self Care: Caring for victims of injustice: Vicarious Trauma, Healthy Self Care Practices, Setting Boundaries, Creating a Personal Support Team.

Practical Application of Mentoring: Healing Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3

Know Your Role: Interview and Assessment of Spiritual Gifts, Social Style, Strengths, and Life Balance to identify a good fit for serving in anti-trafficking efforts or helping survivors through their healing.



Mending the Soul Small Group

2018 Mentor Support Collaborative Training

All training is taught by professionals in their respective fields.  

*PREREQUISITE TO ALL OTHER MSC TRAINING* In order to create a safe and healthy ministry, it's important to create healthy leaders. To do this, each person goes through Mending the Soul to ensure healing from past abuse and trauma issues before trying to mentor someone who has experienced complex trauma. The Mending the Soul Small Group carefully guides the participant in the critical process of integrating one’s history of pain with the present to find his or her redemptive story.  Twelve consecutive weeks. Groups will begin at each participating church in February and end in April.  12 weeks, approx. 24 hours. You may simultaneously take this training while attending a Mending the Soul group. Contact us for information about joining a Mending the Soul Small Group.  

Mending the Soul Basic Training




Biblical Response To Sexual Exploitation

Abuse tears the soul, and as Christ followers, we are given the unique responsibility to minister God’s healing touch through the way that we relate to others. This training furthers our understanding of abuse and trauma so that we are able to attune to the critical needs of those we love and care for. Includes: movie clips, interactive exercises, expressive art, and small group discussion on: Theology of Suffering, Brokenness, and Compassion, Understanding Abuse as a perversion of Image of God, Five types of abuse, the four primary effects of Abuse, Creating Relational Safety, Defenses of the Heart. Taught by MTS co-founders, Dr. Steven Tracy, M.DIV., TH.M., PH.D and Celestia Tracy, M.A., Bekah Stines, M.A., LPC Intern, and Rebecca Bloomfield. Also includes a special presentation by a Physician on what mentors need to understand while working with those who suffer from addictions and PTSD who need psychotropic medication during stabilization. 10 hrs.  

Provides a foundational overview of: Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking, Prostitution, and "The Life, ” tactics traffickers use to groom and recruit victims, the harmful effects of pornography and its link to exploitation and trafficking, God’s heart for justice and our role. Includes documentaries and interactive exercises to understand how today's culture and media impacts our youth and fuels exploitation. Taught by Co-Author Adrienne Livingston, Director of Anti-Trafficking Initiatives, World Venture and Michele Lathrop, One Collective.  6 hrs

Mental Health and Self Care


Crisis Intervention, Law Enforcement and Community Partners

Practical Application of Mentoring

Know Your Role, Gift Placement, and Celebration


Survivor Testimonies

Additional Training and Support









Understanding our incredible brain, what an abused brain looks like before and after therapy,  trauma and trauma-bonding, the behaviors of abused and sexually exploited survivors, and how to relate using effective tools and techniques. We'll also learn how to care for ourselves while caring for victims of injustice by developing our own encouragement team, setting healthy boundaries, safety measures, importance of debriefing, and commitment to our own personal and spiritual health. Mental Health speaker: Sarah Probst, M.A., LPC., Pneuma Counseling; Self Care session: Pastor Christopher Coffman Nicole Larson, MSW, LCSW, Riverwest Church 6 hrs. 

Crisis Intervention and Collaboration: Identifying and navigating various crisis situation successfully, and know who to call for help. Several speakers from law enforcement and other trauma informed community partners working on the front lines of sexual exploitation and anti-trafficking efforts. Law enforcement will teach: Their role, Sexual Exploitation in today's culture, Safety Protocol, Victim Centered Approach, Investigation and Prosecution Process, SBAD School.  Community partner sessions will include speakers on Empowering Youth, Domestic Violence, the Demand, Pornography and It's Effects, and Understanding Today's Youth and Culture. See the 2018 Training Dates Page for Details of each session. 6 hrs.

The Practical Application of Mentoring is critical training, learning how to work effectively with survivors through their healing journey.  We'll learn: The mentor role, Best Practices, Determining when a survivor is "ready" to begin the healing journey, Empowering vs. Enabling, Do's and Don'ts, Setting Boundaries, Dealing with difficult situations, how to create a wrap around survivor support team and work collaboratively with community partners. We'll have a survivor-mentor panel that will help us learn how the Church body plays a vital role in the lives of the vulnerable and hurting. This session is co-led by healthy and trauma informed Survivor-Leaders and Mentors with first hand knowledge and many years of experience walking successfully alongside survivors through each phase, ultimately leading them to find true healing, freedom, and restoration.   6 hrs

Knowing your role is critical in this work. Participants complete a life balance assessment, strengths, spiritual gifts, and social styles test, and go through an interview with a counselor or pastor to help determine their role and whether it's good timing in their life for such a demanding and challenging ministry.  Training is conducted by the Mentor Support Collaborative leadership team. Interviews and assessments are conducted by professional counselors. This will also be a time of celebrating those who have completed all of the Mentor Support Collaborative training. Certificate of completions will be awarded.  5 hrs.

We value Survivor voices and are inspired by their courage and testimony. Therefore, at each training, a survivor shares her story and testimony of God's redeeming love and restoration, offering hope for others. 

Additional Training Opportunities:  We desire to see the body of Christ thrive after completing the training, so we offer to walk alongside ministry leaders each step of the way to set up protocol, procedures, forms, and a sustainable Survivor Support Ministry if desired.  We also provide opportunities for ongoing survivor and mentor training and support so the ministry is supported by a strong, caring community.

Participants pay for his/her own training and Mending the Soul books for their own healing. Each training session is valued at approx. $150.  However, because it’s our desire to train and equip the body of Christ to address the needs of our community and help end the cycle of abuse, we’ve developed a large volunteer team, strong partnerships with the Portland Police Bureau, trauma informed counselors, and other professionals and community partners who have offered to do this training at a significantly reduced rate. Mentor Support Collaborative participants attending all of the training will receive a discounted rate of $45 for the MTS two day Basic Training.  Every other training session is $30. Registration fees cover coffee, tea, snacks, lunch, beverages, printed materials, and speaker and survivor honorariums.

New for 2018: Added Sessions: Crisis Intervention, Physician training on PTSD and psychotropic medication. Girl Empowerment information session for Youth Leaders. All training sessions will include a practical application and interactive exercises and/or role playing. (63 hours for MSC Training Certificate of Completion) 

ALL TRAINING SESSIONS HOSTED BY CITY BIBLE CHURCH, 9200 NE Fremont Street, Portland, OR 97220 - Please note: All 2018 training will be filmed and recorded.


Parents and Grandparents:  We encourage parents and grandparents who are raising teens to attend this training. Many children being raised by grandparents may be a survivor of some form of abuse and trauma, which needs to be addressed in a compassionate, healthy way. In order to address this core root, the parent and grandparent must be a healthy, trusted person and understand trauma and trauma behaviors and get the child to trauma informed counselors and resources. Also part of the process is to help the parent or grandparent go through their own healing from past abuse, which is the only way to break the cycle--by exposing it and addressing it so everyone can  get healthy, ultimately breaking generational curses and cycles. 

Fortunately, together we can do this! We can help parents and grandparents get healthy, educate them on today's culture, help them understand the challenges teens face, and provide the tools and resources to empower their child.

Photos from 2017 and 2018 Training sessions.