Mental Health and Self Care
8:30 AM08:30

Mental Health and Self Care

Mental Health Session Speaker: Sarah Probst, MA. LPC (see bio below)  

At this training, we will go deeper into learning about our incredible brain, trauma, trauma bonding, the behaviors of the sexually abused and exploited, and how to understand and relate to them using effective tools and techniques. We'll also learn about various therapy methods and how critical it is for survivors to be seeing a trauma informed counselor. 

Self Care Session Speaker: Pastor Christopher Coffman, Riverwest Church and Nicole Larson, MSW, LCSW

The Cost Of Caring For Victims Of Injustice:  In this session, Pastor Christopher Coffman will unpack the personal, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual costs we encounter as we walk alongside the vulnerable, exploited, and abused. Drawing from his experience as an advocate and mentor for prostituted children with Door To Grace in Portland, as well as stories he's encountered working with genocide survivors in Rwanda, Christopher will offer a biblical framework for caring for victims of injustice along with practical steps caregivers can take to avoid burnout.

Registration Cost: $30 - Includes coffee, tea, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, beverages, bottled water, materials,  survivor and speaker honorariums. 

Speaker Bio: Sarah Probst

Sarah Probst is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, Oregon who incorporates various curriculums and trauma-informed, brain-based therapies into her treatment plans to help clients see significant changes that can not be achieved through "talk-therapy" alone! Some of her favorite and most effective approaches to therapy include:

Neurofeedback, Portland State University's therapeutic approach to Foster/Adoption, Lifespan Integration, The Genesis Process for addiction recovery, Surviving the Secret for survivors of sexual trauma, Love is a Choice for codependency issues, Hold Me Tight for marriage concerns, EMDR.

Sarah uses these therapies to address PTSD, Trauma, Attachment Disorders, Foster.Adoption-related issues, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, and OCD.

Sarah's Education and Training includes:

Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from Southeastern Louisiana University, a Master's Diploma (35+ Master's Hours) in Ministry & Leadership from Western Seminary, and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Multnomah University.

Post Graduate Certifications include the following: Portland State University - Certificate in Foster & Adoptive Therapies. EEG Institute - Certificate in the Othmer Method Neurofeedback Therapy. Lifespan Integration - Certificate in Level I & II post-graduate training (Peggy Pace). EMDR - Through the PESI Institute.

Speaker Bio: Christopher Coffman

Pastor Christopher and his wife Julie met while attending Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City. Upon graduating, he and his wife moved to Austin, Texas to plant a church a few blocks down from the UT campus. During their years, they discovered a deep-seated passion for victims of injustice. In 2008 Christopher and his family moved to Lake Oswego to serve as the Associate Pastor of Outreach at River West Church.

As a pastor, Chris is passionately committed to training leaders who love Jesus and invest their lives in His kingdom. As a leader, he has served as a board member of Door To Grace--a ministry dedicated to bringing freedom and loving families to sexually trafficked children in Portland.  Christopher has also served with Mending The Soul, a ministry dedicated to caring for and creating resources for trauma and abuse survivors locally and globally. 



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Crisis Intervention, Law Enforcement, Community Partners
8:30 AM08:30

Crisis Intervention, Law Enforcement, Community Partners

Crisis Intervention, Law Enforcement, and Community Partners

Sex Trafficking is fluid, changing faster than we can keep up on the latest information or technology. This training will enlighten us to what's currently happening in Portland and around the U.S. from community partners working on the front lines.

Session One: Crisis Intervention. Our younger generation today is regularly facing many crisis situations including abuse, domestic violence, and exploitation. We'll learn to distinguish a real crisis, what to do, and know when and who to call for help. Crisis Intervention Speaker: Rebecca Bloomfield, former Executive Director of Saint Child, Consultant at Bloomfield Consulting, Mending the Soul Board Member and Director of NW Regional Leadership Team, MSC Leadership Team. (See bio below) 

Session Two: Law Enforcement: Portland Police Bureau Sex Trafficking Unit: Update on sex trafficking,  Recruiting Methods, Trafficker tactics, etc., Law enforcement role, Rescue, Victim Centered Approach, Investigation and Prosecution Process, SBAD school, and how the church can help.

Session Three: EPIK: Effects of Pornography and Intercepting the Demand 

Session Four: Domestic Violence, After “the life” – Kristin Williams MS, QMHP, CADC l, Lifeworks NW

Session Five: Today’s Youth and Culture: TBA

Girl Empowerment Train the Trainer Information. 

Registration Cost: $30 - Includes coffee, tea, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, beverages, materials, and speaker honorariums. 

Speaker Bio: Rebecca Bloomfield: Rebecca is an expert in counter human trafficking, with over 10 years of experience working directly with survivors, specializing in adolescent girls. She teaches communities, organizations, and leaders in abuse and trauma recovery and trauma informed practices both domestically and internationally that equip caregivers and offer healing to survivors of all types of abuse.  Rebecca also has 4 years experience as a Sexual Assault Resource Center Advocate providing youth with crisis intervention, safety planning, court accompaniment, and emotional support.

Speaker Bio: Kristin is married to a wonderful man, Brian, and in their spare time they like to hike, bike, and swoon over other people’s corgi puppies. Kristin has worked with hundreds of adult survivors providing mental health and addiction treatment with the New Options for Women Program (NOW) with Lifeworks Northwest and the Sex Trafficking Unit in Portland, Oregon. The NOW Program is the only one of its kind that provides a comprehensive aftercare program for adult sex trafficked victims. She has also a been a Mending the Soul facilitator at her church.

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Practical Application of Mentoring
8:30 AM08:30

Practical Application of Mentoring

Practical Application of Mentoring

Registration Cost: $30 - Includes coffee, tea, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, beverages, materials, speaker and survivor honorariums. 

SPEAKERS:  Jeri Moomaw, Leanne Ishibashi, Angela Miller, Darlene Domenigoni (See bios below) 

This is critical training learning how to work effectively with survivors through the Healing Journey.  We'll learn: The mentor role, Best Practices, Do's and Don'ts, Setting Boundaries, Dealing with difficult situations, How to create a wrap around survivor support team, working in unity with one another, and collaboratively with community partners. This session is co-led by healthy and trauma informed Survivor-Leaders and Mentors with first hand knowledge who have many years of experience walking alongside survivors through each phase of healing, ultimately leading them to find true healing, freedom, and restoration.  

This session is co-led by healthy and trauma informed Survivor-Leaders and Mentors with first hand knowledge and have been successfully walking alongside survivors through each phase of healing, ultimately leading them to find true healing, freedom, and restoration. 


Jeri Moomaw: Executive Director,  Innovations HTC, National trainer for U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services,  OTIP (Office on Trafficking In Persons), U.S. Dept. of Justice, and Homeland Security. Creator of "Survivor Voices" program. Jeri holds an A.A. degree in Social work as well as certifications in advocacy, CAASE, motivational interviewing, Healing Arts and Deceptions. She is a recognized subject matter expert on gangs, human trafficking and violence against women in Tribal communities, and is often called upon to be an expert witness in trials. Most recently, Jeri has been appointed to the Washington State and Thurston County human trafficking task forces. A powerful trainer and keynote speaker, Jeri not only shares her compelling story of exploitation from a survivor’s perspective. She focuses on gaps, system failures and missed opportunities to identify, how to enhance screening and response protocols and how to respond in a culturally appropriate manner. Jeri currently lives in Olympia, Washington with her husband Alan and enjoys kayaking. She is also an accomplished Native beadwork artist.

Leanne Ishibashi: A successful business owner, wife, and mom to 3 beautiful daughters, Leanne draws her strength from God's redeeming grace and many years of therapy and Mending the Soul healing. Leanne is a survivor of every form of abuse and exploitation. She shares powerful and real insight stemming from her many years of street life and personal pain as well as the women she has had the privilege to mentor.  God is using Leanne's story of abuse and pain to bring healing to many others.

Angela Miller: Former Assistant Dean of Women, Portland Bible College, Former Youth Pastor, Survivor Support Ministry Leader, City Bible Church. Angie has been mentoring youth and young adults for almost 3 decades with a focus on helping sexually abused and traumatized people find true healing, freedom, and restoration. In more recent years, she has felt called to focus specifically on women who have been trapped in the life of trafficking. She dedicates most of her free time working with the Mentor Support Collaborative, training others and helping survivors heal through the Survivor Support Ministry of City Bible Church. She is also on the worship team at CBC, where she takes that same passion into leading worship and supporting the worship team for its ultimate end- to enable people to draw closer to God. Married to her husband Rich for 30 years, her pride and joy are her two sons, daughter-in-law, and new grandson- who has her wrapped around his little finger.  

Darlene Domenigoni: Mentor Support Collaborative Director, Bridging the Gap Advisory Board, Good Shepherd Community Impact Leadership Team and Survivor Support Ministry Leader. Darlene has been married to Mark for 29 years and they have two children, one daughter in law, and one beautiful newborn granddaughter!  Darlene has served as Women's Ministry Director and in church administration for the last 17 years. Sickened by the horror of sex-trafficking, Darlene helped start a Human Trafficking Prayer and Awareness ministry within her church in 2011. In early 2013, the sergeant of the HT Task Force called Darlene to help a young lady who had just been rescued from a trafficking situation. This survivor's rescue led to developing a Mentoring Ministry to help women navigate life as they walk through their healing journey. Serving Jesus and seeing women healed and set free is Darlene’s passion and what motivates her. Her focus now is training and equipping others with the goal of establishing a Survivor Support Ministry in every church. Darlene also helped create the Bridging the Gap intranet in partnership with the Portland Police, which members received a commendation medal for in 2015.

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Roles, Gifts Placement, Celebration
9:30 AM09:30

Roles, Gifts Placement, Celebration

Survivor Support Ministry Roles, Gifts Placement, and Celebration Luncheon!

This time together is focused meeting with each participant individually, getting to know gifts, strengths, and the roles of the Survivor Support Ministry. Each member completes a Gifts, Strengths and Social Style test prior to the meeting.  Training is conducted by the Mentor Support Collaborative leadership team. Interviews and assessments are conducted by professional counselors. 

This training gives participants a very good understanding of what the roles of the ministry are, what their gifting is, and where God is calling them to serve. 

We'll also take this time to celebrate those who have completed all of the Mentor Support Collaborative Training and award the MSC Certificates. 

Registration Cost: $20 - Includes coffee, tea, snacks, lunch, interview, assessments, tests, handouts, and MSC Training Certificate of Completion. 


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12:00 PM12:00

Pastor's Luncheon


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29th 12:00-2:00pm

Pastors and ministry leaders are invited to join us for a special lunch to learn how Portland churches are raising the bar and setting the standard by creating healthy, trained and equipped leaders. The MSC training programs equips the church to be a safe place of hope, healing and safety to those who have experienced abuse. 

Come hear from other pastors and ministry leaders who have completed the MSC training and learn about the impact it's had on their church and community.

Cost: FREE! 

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Biblical Response to Sexual Exploitation
8:30 AM08:30

Biblical Response to Sexual Exploitation

Location: City Bible Church, 9200 N.E. Fremont Street, Portland, OR 97220

Cost: $30 -  Registration fee includes coffee, bottled water, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, beverages, materials, speaker and survivor honorariums. 

Speakers: Co-Authors Adrienne Livingston, Director of Anti-Trafficking Initiatives, World Venture and Michele Lathrop, International Teams.

This training provides a foundational overview of the following: Education of the realities of sexual exploitation, Understanding "The Life", Tactics traffickers use to control their victims, links between pornography and sex-trafficking, God’s heart, and the role of the Church. Includes several short documentaries and interactive exercises to understand today's culture that fuels the demand. 

Biblical Response to Sexual Exploitation Training Agenda March 3, 2018

8:00-8:30      Registration Check-In

8:30-8:45      Worship

8:45-9:00      Welcome, agenda

9:00-10:30    Session 1

Nefarious Trailer

God’s Word on Justice

Definitions and word choice

Views of Sexuality

10:30-10:45  Break

10:45-12:15  Session 2

Sex Trafficking in the US

Sex Trafficking in Portland

Global Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

TIP Report Brief Overview

Country Narrative and Overview

 Vulnerabilities, Recruitment, Maintenance

·12:15-12:45  Lunch

12:45-2:15  Session 3

Youth Brain Development

Privilege Walk

Supply and Demand


2:15-2:30  Break

2:30-4:00  Session 4     

There is HOPE! Awareness and Prevention

Shared Hope International Grade for Oregon

What is happening in Portland and around the world?

How the Church is uniquely positioned to step in

Nefarious testimonies

Scripture and guided prayer

4:00  Closing prayer

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Mending the Soul Basic Training
to Feb 10

Mending the Soul Basic Training

Friday Evening, Feb. 9th 6:00PM-9:00PM- Coffee, tea, and appetizers will be served. 

Saturday, February 10th 8:30AM-5:00PM - Coffee, tea, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, and beverages will be served. 

SPEAKERS: Mending the Soul Co-founders, Dr. Steven Tracy, M.DIV., TH.M., PH.D and Celestia Tracy, M.A. Mending the Soul Leadership Team Members: Rebekah Stines, MSPC, LPC Intern and Rebecca Bloomfield, MTS Board Member and Director of NW Regional Leadership Team

Abuse tears the soul, and as Christ followers, we are given the unique responsibility to minister God’s healing touch through the way that we relate to others. This training furthers our understanding of abuse and trauma so that we are able to attune to the critical needs of those we love and care for. Includes: movie clips, interactive exercises, expressive art, and small group discussion on: Theology of Suffering, Brokenness, and Compassion, Understanding Abuse as a Perversion of Image of God, Five types of abuse, the four primary effects of Abuse, Creating Relational Safety, Defenses of the Heart. Special presentation from a Physician on what mentors need to understand while working with those who suffer from addictions and PTSD who need psychotropic medication during the stabilization phase,

MTS Basic Training Registration fee is $150Mentor Support Collaborative participants who attend all of the MSC training sessions will receive a special discount rate of $45 for the MTS Basic Training. To receive the discount code, participants must register for ALL of the MSC Training prior to registering online at Mending the Soul. Once registered for the MSC training, the MTS Basic Training discount code will be emailed to you. 

To register for the Mending the Soul Basic Training, visit:

Registration fee includes: Coffee, snacks, lunch, refreshments, materials, and speaker honorariums. 

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9:00 AM09:00


Join us on September 23, 2017, Race starts at 9;00am. Registration opens at 8:00am

Location: Cook Park in Tigard

Adults: $35.00
Children (17 & under): $25.00

Team Discount – Build your team today! For every 9 runners, the 10th one is free!!!!

Color Run – Wear a white t-shirt.

Raise Awareness of Sexual Exploitation in Portland & raise money to assist survivors of sex trafficking with  Trauma Informed Counseling Services

After the race, please join us for a delicious pancake breakfast!

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Safeguarding Our Children Pastor's Conference
9:00 AM09:00

Safeguarding Our Children Pastor's Conference

SAFEGUARDING OUR CHILDREN- Hosted by Freedom Calling of Oregon


Freedom Calling of Oregon is excited to personally invite you to our upcoming “Safeguarding Our Children” training on August 29, 2017 in Salem, Oregon from 9:00a.m. to 12:00. This training is designed to give pastors and ministry leaders the knowledge about potential child safety risks.

Guest Speakers:

Survivor Testimony- Leanne Ishibashi 

Shannon Fourrage, MA, LPC: Shannon Fourrage is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with a team of clinicians at Living Wholehearted LLC in Tualatin Oregon. Specializing in trauma recovery and couples therapy, she works with a variety of clients. Seeing people restored to a deeper sense of wholeness and freedom from false shame is her delight. Shannon leads groups for women and teens on the topic of sexual abuse recovery and developing healthy coping skills. She’s taught many session of previous mentor trainings and other seminars. Shannon’s Education Includes: Shannon earned a master’s in counseling from Western Seminary and completed additional theological graduate courses at Multnomah University, where she has taught as an adjunct.

Michael Geiger, Retired Sergeant, Portland Police Bureau, Human Trafficking Task Force. Mike Geiger has over two decades of experience working with criminal justice, governmental, private sector and faith based groups to identify and correct organizational and structural deficits that limit growth and success. Mike spent 25 years in law enforcement—the last 13 years in Sex Crimes, Homicide and Human Trafficking. He is a recognized leader in the field of anti-trafficking collaboration efforts in the U.S. and worldwide. He is an international and local speaker of numerous conferences and events.After retiring from the Portland Police, Mike joined the work of Compassion First as the leader for their international training and government relations efforts in Indonesia. Mike commits his time and efforts in Southeast Asia working to foster collaboration among law enforcement, government agencies, nonprofits, and churches to work together to build an effective counter trafficking response.  Mike has conducted and led training for officials throughout the United States as well as South and Southeast Asia.  When not engaged in anti-trafficking endeavors, Mike loves to spend his free time with his wife, three children, and 2 year old granddaughter.

Darlene Domenigoni - Mentor Support Collaborative church training 

Becca Notbohm  – ORPAC Nazarene Children’s Director: Becca will speak about the importance of Training, Policies and relationships in the church.

Register today for this free event!

This event is free however DONATIONS WELCOME to help cover the cost! 

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10:00 AM10:00

Biblical Response to Sex Trafficking Class

This class provides an overview of the following: Education of the realities of sexual exploitation, Understanding "The Life", the tactics traffickers use to control their victims, links between pornography and sex-trafficking, God’s heart and our role. Taught by Adrienne Livingston, co-creator of the BRST curriculum and member of the Mentor Support Collaborative team. Approx. 4 hrs

All are welcome to this FREE class. Coffee, drinks and snacks provided. Class will be at City Bible Church, Rocky Butte Campus, 9200 NE Fremont St., Portland, OR 97220

Please RSVP!



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9:00 AM09:00

Practical Application of Mentoring

Learning how to work effectively with survivors through their Healing Journey.  This session includes: Mentor Role and Best Practices, Do's and Don'ts, setting boundaries, dealing with crisis effectively.

Co-led by Survivor-Leader, Jeri Moomaw and Angela Miller. Jeri shares her own compelling story of exploitation from a survivor’s perspective and focuses on proper behavioral response protocols. Angie speaks from her many years of experience of working with young adults as a youth pastor and Women's Dean of College. She shares how to speak truth and love with grace with a focus on effective mentoring as we walk through each phase of healing, ultimately helping survivors find true healing, freedom, and restoration.

$20 Registration fee includes coffee, snacks, lunch, materials, and covers speaker fees.

Training will be at City Bible Church, Rocky Butte Campus, 9200 NE Fremont St., Portland, OR 97220


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